Site has a new logo

July 25, 2008 – 22:04

The site now has a new logo thanks to designer and personal friend Thijs van Gils. I used to have the default logo used by the theme (pop-blue). Many times I’ve tried to whip something up in Photoshop, but no success. Guess I should stick to my day job for now.

Thijs van Gils is a creative designer of multiple disciplines. He often creates diverse pieces of design. I don’t always get them as I tend to think in straight lines.. but then again it’s nice we’re not all alike because then the world would be very boring. Big thanks again to you Thijs. Included below is a little teaser of some of his work..

Vine Hallway from Thijs van Gils

Raindrops Intro from Thijs van Gils

You can reach Thijs on info at

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