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Enabling Wake On WAN/power savings for your home network / server

The following post describes my personal setup in my home network to conserve power and how you can possibly do the same in your own home or small business setup. By implementing advanced standby / hibernation setups, you can have significant savings on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint. I will show how you can use power saving techniques without it becoming impractical. I should warn you this post can get quite technical in the end and may not work in your setup (totally depends on your network router).

Power saving techniques

There are several ways to save energy when it comes to working in a (Windows based) home network. You can for instance lower the total power consumption of your PC by switching the Power Plan in Windows 7. By doing so, your PC will turn off unused hard disks, use less power for wireless radios and go to standby sooner when your user session is idling.As we all know, you can put a PC in standby or hibernation instead of shutting it down. Even though shutting a computer completely down will save more energy than putting it in standby, it can be very useful to have the computer resume its duties quicker. I don’t put my workstations in standby or hibernation as an SSD as a boot drive makes cold boot a snappy 20 seconds wait.